The Real Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Pogona barbata

Amphibolurus barbatus always around tamborine and the mountain

One of the most common reptiles found throughout most parts of Australia. Will grow to approximately 30 cm.

The Throat has a spiny skin fold (The beard), with more spines across the neck, these spines may look sharp and dangerous but they are really quite soft. The colours vary from light grey to brown but are usually similar to it's background for camouflage. The dragons mouth and tongue are golden yellow and orange and when aggravated will open its mouth widely and extend its beard in a stand of fierce defiance. This is all show and the creature is very harmless.

The Bearded Dragon feeds on a wide range of insects and will eat fruit and occasionally flowers.

The Bearded Dragon is very common around Tamborine and hence the name for the Tavern.

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