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The Toadman Cometh

The Toadman

The folk at Tamborine Village celebrate the strange ritual of Live Cane toad racing every Sunday with their favourite Saturday night pastime being the collection of the giant amphibians.

In keeping with the aussie tradition of betting on two flies crawling up a wall, Our Gold Coast hinterland accommodation has the infamous cane toad race every Sunday. The Cane toads are put up for auction and then raced with a portion of the winnings going to charity. Come and see our thoroughbreds!

Cane Toads Wanted
(Any level of pestilence will do)

Ugly buggers aren't they!

The Bearded Dragon prefers its Cane Toads ALIVE, not for their lovely toad juice but for Charity Races.

Cane Toads reproduction has hit an all time low and even the eager sexual appetites of the current population can't keep up with our demand. We need the ghastly creatures alive (if you have any spare) and we are looking for quality thoroughbred racing stock only. In fact any of the brown monsters will do!

The race is on at tamborine!This might seem like bad news to the politically correct amongst us who can only suggest golf driving practice. However, the Bearded Dragon Toadman relies on these noxious pests and their narcotic poison sacs not for the hallucinogenic traits (while we do wonder about Toad-Man at times) but for the charity racing every Sunday afternoon.

So get the family together with a cane toad and head for this amusing spectacle of Tamborine Village behaviour.

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