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Hold Dont Fold - Covid will not beat us

Hold, Dont Fold!
April 7, 2020

The #holddontfoldtamborine Challenge At The Bearded Dragon Hotel

Well, lets just say, that escalated quickly! Last editions we talked about wedding trends for 2020 and how the trend was on smaller more intimate gatherings. Fast forward a few weeks and we went from way more intimate to hey, you know what best you stay home and start planning for 2021!
You know what else you need to do? Scrap around 90% of the work your team at Bearded Dragon Hotel have already done for the year in advance (as the majority of it no longer matters) and you will have to get a whole new plan, make it fast and be ready to change it daily if you want to stay in business. Challenge accepted, time to dig deep and embrace the workaholic inside, that in all honesty has been in ongoing survival battle since taking on the challenge of a hotel business void of the Clink & Clatter of poker machines and gambling cream all those 20 + years ago. Australia will certainly need to re-think the way they consume and the way they shop if they want small business to stay alive.

Feeling like an exhausted mole in a sick whack-a-mole game, waiting patiently between a lot of sad news, each new announcement, each new development, some wonderful community spirit and each new challenge before we pop our head up for another round of unprecedented whacks. We cannot help but find it very un-Australian to just turn the switch off so we might make it all just go away, that would be like the windmill not spinning. The windmill was erected at the Bearded Dragon Hotel for a reason, almost like we knew it would serve as an inspiration to all Australians and also visitors from other countries who would look on in awe at our awesome Aussie spirit.
Windmills are a familiar feature of the outback Queensland landscape. They are also the universal symbol of life, serenity, resilience, self-sufficiency, and perseverance in a harsh environment.
What better place to be as a community than Tamborine, in the very heart of the Scenic Rim to stay at home and apply all the above principles. Please we urge you do not look at this time as just hibernation (even the word sounds depressing) but more like a Renaissance.

Some of us will, as always, work harder than ever (work on self, family, community, land and keeping busy), but honestly in comparison to the alternatives I can think that it is a good time to write your Renaissance List.
That is what we will be doing at the Bearded Dragon whilst serving up takeaway food & drink, accommodation and more. Also taking future bookings for weddings and events to keep some more of our valued staff Functioning, so to speak, through this time. Yes it will be hard to compete, but hey, Bearded Dragon & our crew have accepted many challenges so we are ready!
By Monique Gregory (

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