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Bearded Dragon Soapbox

Never Smile at a Crocodile "Cranky & Nasty" Show

Never smile at a crocodile unless of course you are a canetoad. Research tells us that even the crocodile is threatened by the poison when gobbling up the ugly brown monsters. Our all new "Cranky & Nasty" Crocodile and Reptile show starts January 8th 2006. Regular show times are Monday 2pm, Wednesday 2pm and Sunday 11am & 2pm. Our resident crocodile expert Crocodile Nic teams up with Toadman to educate visitors and locals on our native reptiles. Meet our friendly bearded dragons, snakes, shingle back lizard (skink). Learn how to identify a Canetoad, so you do not harm our native frogs. A perfect day out for tour groups, visitors and locals. Look forward to see you sometime soon Cheers Toadman Book a Table now (07) 55436 888

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