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Chefs Signature Dish and Recipe

Bearded Dragon Boutique Hotel – Signature Dish

Perfect Modern & Casual dining to suit all tastes. Warm by the Fireplace with this perfect winter warmer dish.

Aussie veal saltimbocca, pan-fried veal with a lemon, cream and sage sauce, resting on wok tossed garden vegetables and topped with smoked kangaroo and emu

In Brief : Aussie veal saltimbocca with smoked kangaroo & emu

800gm veal fillets cut into medallions and tenderised
1 bunch bok choy
1 medium carrot
1 red onion
1 red capsicum
1 zucchini
zest of 1 lemon
lemon myrtle
olive oil
fresh sage
1 cup white wine
300ml cream
2 tbsn bush honey
sea salt
fresh cracked black pepper
50g cold butter

kangaroo prosciutto
emu prosciutto
marmalade Jam
fresh herb flowers
tumeric oil

• Prepare carrot, capsicum, onion, bok choy & zucchini into long thin strips
• Heat 2 tbns of oil in pan until smoking, add vegetables
• Saute for 3 mins moving vegetable in pan often. Add 2 tbns of water, ½ teaspoon of lemon myrtle and the zest of a lemon
• Cover for a few minutes
• Season well with sea salt and cracked pepper

Veal Medallions
• Heat frying pan with 1 tbspn olive oil
• Add medallions for 2 persons at a time, quick fry till brown then remove from pan to rest
• Reheat pan and fry other serves
• Veal needs be fried in a hot pan very quickly to seal in the moisture
• Deglace the same pan with white wine
• Use a small spoon to gently lift off meat remnants left in pan
• Add cream and reduce for 5 minutes
• Add bush honey and meat and test for seasoning
• Warm meat through and take off heat
• Add cold butter & swirl pan until melted
• Note: Do not return pan to heat after butter is added

Plate the dish

• Arrange vegetables in centre of plate, stack neatly for height
• Place three medallions on top, cascading to one side
• Pour sauce from pan over the meat
• Place prosciutto, marmalade and flower garnish on stack
• Drizzle tumeric oil lightly around the plate.

This is the signature dish of Bearded Dragon Boutique Hotel
A qualified Team of Chefs
Headed by Kelly Morgan & Brendon Wells
Both settled residents of the Beaudesert Shire.
Both chefs have a wealth of knowledge and experience from Brisbane Sheraton, Mercure Inn, Bravo New Farm and Fridays to name but a few of the city establishments they have worked in. Having had their fair share of city venues they are now happy to be living, working and playing in our beautiful shire

What do you love about working in Beaudesert Shire?
Kelly says : I love being able to drive to work, through beautiful landscapes without the stress and pressure of
driving in the city. Plenty of time to plan new and amazing dishes using a great array of local product!

Brendon says: Definitely no hustle and bustle, plenty of calm. Oh did I mention the great fishing? Yes, that’s a definite bonus. Heaps of activities in this shire for my well earned time off.

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