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500th Toad Race and another $1000 donation

Bearded Dragon Toad Racing reaches 500 and the Rural Fire Brigades Celebrate with another $1000.

Toadman celebrates 500th Toad Race and is still charitable

The Bearded Dragon and its patron celebrated in style on Sunday 18th June with Toadman’s racing appearances culminating at 500. In the same week a special race with Nicki Buckley from Channel Nines “Talk to the Animals” meant Sunday was a very special day for Bearded Dragon Toad Racers.

“It was a great crowd considering the wet weather, but locally wet weather means patrons are in good spirits. In tradition the winner kissed the toad, but I don’t think his new tongue technique will be a winner in the future!

We were happy to donate another $1000 to the rural firebrigades and support our local charities. The mind boggles at the thought of how much has been donated over nine years from the activities of Queensland’s most hated pest.”

Says Mark Gregory (aka Toadman)

Certainly Toadman, the Bearded Dragon crew and benefiting charities are happy to see the canetoad as a Queensland Icon of sorts.

“Each week Toadman wows the audience for local charity and is currently preparing for the annual canetoad pestival in December. With charities like Landcare, Rural Firebrigades and National Parks and Wildlife already on board this event is certainly one to look out for.” Says Monique Gregory Bearded Dragon Sales & Events specialist.

Local charities, businesses or residents who would like to participate in this years event should contact Monique or Mark Gregory (07) 55436888.

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