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Bearded Dragon Soapbox

Toadmans baby tadpole

You can just call me Ace....

We arrived at hospital at 5.30pm got settled about 6pm and was

Born 10.17pm on Saturday night 10th February 2007.

I was 8 apgar @ 1 min

and 9 apgar @ 5min...

8pounds & 13 ounces or 4.010Kg

54 cm long & head 34.5cm

Mum was drug free but she was still pretty pumped with endorphins... I helped out by doing everything she asked me to... she can be bossy at times.

Dad saw me first and I saw him first when I popped out to say hello! I could tell mum & dad really loved me. Mum fed me about minutes after I was born.... that was great I was starving
after all that work!

so as you can see everyone..

I am full of health and cant wait to meet you all.

at the moment I am learning how to fart.... some call it wind but in our family (apparently) I have already progressed to farts.... yes I know I am very advanced!

Thankyou to all of you for loving me already!

Love to you & look forward to meeting you soon.

Wishing you big burps

baby Ace XXXXX

PS Proud parents Mark & Monique Gregory are trying to get some sleep while I snuck off and wrote this email... so advanced ;)

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