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Original Email sent to A CURRENT AFFAIR

WARNING: If you are easily offended or wearing your rose coloured glasses then maybe you should stop reading now! In no way should the following article be seen as a reflection of our wonderful customers and guests who have supported us. I know they will all be as disgusted that this happened to us. This is the original email send to a current affair. The story airs Monday 6.30pm 12th January 2009.Email heading :SickoWe are sad to actually have to send you this story of a family of five who recently dined in our restaurant. One guest approached staff to demand a refund and compensation for what looked suspicially like human pubic hair (not just one but a trail as long as your finger!) on the remants of a bread bun. Staff & management were horrified and shocked, but at all times adamant that there was no question where it came from. Luckily enough the management were helping the chef in kitchen during a busy time and was party to preparation of the meals! Guest was told this was very serious and would be looked into and please wait for us to resolve the manner. NO one could have dreamed what we saw on the camera. The young man putting his hands down the front & back of his pants in clear view of a camera and putting it on the FOOD!~ All the while family looking on and letting him approach staff with the sick mess! We hospitality workers deserve better than this we work all throught the holidays to entertain and provide service to those who have christmas and new year with their family friends etc This is the reward we get for some bunch of sickoes who try it on for a refund! The meals were all but a few chips completely eaten! We have burned the footage and think that for once you at a current affair should have the balls to stop bagging retailers and the service industry and have a go at yourviewers the CONSUMER for once. Do so if you dare and I guarantee you many in the industry will finally feel that for once the TABLES are turned! I have heard plenty of of other christmas retail nightmares of theft, faeces wiped on expensive dresses in change rooms, guests saying they didnt get food they DID actually receive, large tables not turning up for bookings on very busy booked out days .. oh BUT this family takes the cake.  I look forward to hearing your response and will be notifiying other stations also. This person needs to be shamed as this is a criminal act! People could have lost their jobs over this had he not messed with the wrong business this time.... Have they done it before!?Bearded Dragon and its team of passionate hospitality workers will continue to fight against wrongdoing. We will also continue to soldier on in respect for all deserving customers who are all essentially good people.Love & Light

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