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Dangers in booking acts direct – without an Agency

For the purposes of this article please she each time he is referred to:

Act becomes ill or has a personal emergency – You are left without entertainment

Act has an accident on the way - You have no back up

Act is offered a better paying or impressive show - You are dropped for the better gig

Act has an emergency in the family - You are left with no entertainment

Act decides the money you first negotiated is not enough – He now wants more money – You pay extra to retain your entertainment

Act makes a mistake and double books himself - You end up with the raw end of the deal

Act completely forgets your booking- No entertainment turns up

Act charges you top dollar - more than he is really worth - You pay money you did not need to

Act gets the details wrong - has the wrong times - goes to the wrong place

Act is offered a residency, which runs regularly - one of the nights, is on your date - Act drops out on your show

Act decides to change his performance style - You wanted what he did before - You end up with something you do not want

Acts equipment packs it in - You have no one to turn to

Act knows that this is a one of performance - No need to worry about keeping a high profile –
He comes poorly dressed,

He abuses your hospitality, eating and drinking at his leisure

He takes long breaks

He forgets your requests and performs his own show without concern for you or your guests

He arrives with a friend etc. - He gets drunk –

He demands payment at the beginning before performing; once he has the money he does what he please

End result - the entertainment from hell is now yours

The best of entertainment can turn into the worst nightmare when you decide to book direct


Issues to consider when choosing Wedding Entertainment

Live or recorded?

Number of guests?


The area available for entertainment?

Are the pre-drinks in a different area and can we use the same music?


What is offered by the function?

Will you need to consider other functions on at the same time as your wedding reception?

The entertainment is a very important factor at the Wedding because it sets the whole tone of the event. Who you book can make or break your special day. Deal with professionals and book early so availability and choices are better.

Booking your Wedding entertainment through an entertainment agency will give you greater security because,

They are dealing with entertainment all the time.
They know who is good and who is not.

A band or DJ is not going to cancel a job with an agency that gives them a lot of work because they are offered a better job on that particular date.

If something did happen and the entertainment did have to cancel, the agent would be able to organise something else for you.

Before choosing music, give some thought to:

the age group attending the Wedding,

the style of the Wedding,

the Wedding venue.

You want something flexible enough so that everyone attending your Wedding will enjoy.

When thinking about the entertainment:

Give consideration to the size of the Wedding venue and the amount of space the act will require. Remember, you do want some of the dance floor available for dancing! If the room is very small or closed in, don’t have something that will blast you out of the room. Conversely you want something that everyone can hear and see. So your requirements could change depending on whether you are having 50 or 300 guests.

Do not have the music isolated from the guests, or you will lose the atmosphere. Entertainment should be on the same level, and in the same area as the guests. Ask the entertainers where they think is the best place for them to be set up. Mezzanine Floors work well for string quartets and pianists who are providing background music. If you want entertainment as well as music, the band or DJ needs to be part of the setting.

If the venue has difficult access for bringing in the equipment, let the band or DJ know, so that they can allow extra time or manpower to set up.

Entertainment is an area where you get what you pay for. If you have a limited budget, you are far better off booking a good wedding disc jockey or a good duo rather than an average larger band.

Tips when organising the entertainment:

Have one person liaise with the entertainers on the night, because at a wedding there are at least six key people and it is important the entertainers know whose instruction they should follow.

Seat the older guests away from the music and the younger ones closer to it. This helps to avoid any problems with noise level.

Do not seat a table of children next to the entertainment, because if they start to run around they are likely to damage the equipment.

Have the entertainers arrive before the wedding guests so the function is not interrupted any way. If you are having two different types of music during the function, for example, a pianist for pre-dinner and dinner music and a band for the dancing, make sure the band is set up well before the guests arrive. Then later in the night they can start playing at the nominated time. You may have to pay an early set up fee to cover their time but it is well worth it.

Thankyou to Alan Casey Entertainment Agency for a very informative article.

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