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Please READ GM in WA & the TGA wants our food to be classified as dangerous medicine!
Hello to lovely people who have touched our life at some time,

usually we dont email all our causes as it can be all too much.
HOWEVER, we do this for the future of our children and the generations to come. Protect our herbs and foods or suffer the consequences to humankind - that is a proven certainty.

Please find it in your hearts to have a read and go to the link sign the petition and then verify it with the emailed code.

Do not let the history books blame our generation! SPREAD THIS MESSAGE every way you KNOW HOW!!! Lets show them and STOP THIS ROT FOR SURE!
as per below

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

- Edmund Burke

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Petition: Stop the TGA classifying our food as drugs

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Please forward to as many as possible as this is for the HERB cause too !

Dear Fellow Australian,

Many of you who have sent your petitions regarding swine flu, fluoride, GM crops and vaccines, are definitely interested in your freedom to determine your own lifestyle, diet and medical practices etc.

You may or may not use health supplements however the theme is still the same, BIG Government trying to control our lives and at the same time creating and or protecting markets for the larger corporate interests....

Our second petition is regarding GM Canola in Western Australia and Government political interference of test crops and scientists.

We ask you to read the below information and the links, then help the causes if you feel this is something you feel strongly about.

Thank you for your support

Michael Bending

Health Petitions Australia

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

- Edmund Burke

The TGA are up to their old tricks again, trying to control more of the healthy food we eat but at the same time (as usual) not concerning itself about harmful pharmaceutical drugs or chemicals in our food chain.

TGA classifying our food as drugs

Hippocrates said -let food be thy medicine. This did not mean that our food should be regulated as dangerous drugs that need to be treated as potentially life threatening!

Hundreds of years later the observation of Hippocrates still stands, yet the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) want to go one step further and class our food as a hazardous medicine similar to dangerous synthetic pharmaceutical drugs?

The TGA wants to do this by changing legislation that makes our food in capsule or tablet form a drug!

Does this mean that Kelloggs Special-K or shredded wheat cereals in a capsule could soon be a drug here in Australia?

Certainly such health products like Chlorella, Wheat grass, Barley grass and Spirulina will be soon classified as a drug if the TGA has its way!

Please read the full article and then send your email to the MPs and the TGA committee. This petition needs to be sent before the 30th of November as the TGA submissions close.


Petition: Stop the TGA classifying our food as drugs

Scientists And People Concerned For Academic Freedom

Dr. Judy Carman, senior scientist working in the field of epidemiology in Australia and awarded a government grant to study the safety of GM feed, has been subjected to a sustained campaign of vilification by individuals associated with the biotech industry, with the clear intention of preventing her from carrying out the research.

Political pressure is now being brought to bear on her research by the current Agriculture and Food Minister of Western Australia.

Please send your petition to the Western Australian Government (Premier & Agriculture minister plus WA Government scientists) as well as Kevin Rudd and the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Tony Bourke.


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