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TANK MY LEMON - 52 Tonne Tank Crush New Dodge Car

Local Tamborine Couple Crushes Brand New Car with 52 Tonne Tank

Flagstone Locals decide to send their brand new car to the scrap yard in the sky in the most epic way

52 Tonne Tank crushes brand new car and local Tamborine owners could not be more delighted !

When someone is unhappy with their new car purchase, most people do not do is crush it with a 52-tonne army tank. But that is exactly what Joseph Masters says he was compelled to do on Saturday 25th of June.

Joseph and his family from Flagstone with help of local Tamborine businesses Bearded Dragon Hotel and Tank Ride were able to put on a one-of-a-kind event that saw their 2010 Dodge Journey feel the full weight of a fighting vehicle most people would only see in a museum or on a battlefield.
Tank my Lemon event was born and momentum grew on the Tank my Lemon Go Fund Me Page as the couple need to squeeze every drop of juice from the car they bought back in March 2011. Close to $10 000 had been with still hope to achieve the goal of $15 000.
Channel 7s breakfast show Sunrise and Channel 9 televised the event giving national reach to Tamborine and the unique tank crushing mission which attracted hundreds of early risers to Bearded Dragon for the event and also promoting the change of current motor vehicle industry lemon laws in Australia. Chrysler and Jeep have been in the news this week with a major recalls and a death of an actor attributed to the cars other model jeep faults.

You still might ask, why crush your car and not sell it?

Joe says he started finding faults in his Dodge Journey over the few years he owned it. So much so, he decided it would only be fitting to give it a proper send off, rather than sell it to another person to inherit all the same problems their family has been through.

Joe is now happily driving what he rates a very safe and reliable car, a Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander, after it came recommended by auto expert John Cadogan who attended the event in support of law changes with Senator Glen Lazarus.

D-day for the Dodge saw a warm up with the Senator Sledge Hammering the Car with other sponsors, supporters also had the chance to egg or throw lemons at the car and archers shot arrows at the vehicle while the major sponsors got prime seats to the spectacle and the massive final crush.

On the back of the success of another sour lemon owner who released a you tube clip that saw over 2.5 million views of his original I made a mistake, I bought a Jeep the day finished off with full size dancing lemons, camouflage dancing girls, rap artists and Jon Carodogan in drag.

Monique Gregory from Bearded Dragon Hotel said I certainly cannot wait to see the crazy film clip as this event was one of our most bizarre and Joseph and Kate along with all the international and sponsors and organisers should be commended for an event of epic proportions for Tamborine.

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