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If its good for the vikings we love it Viking IPA

Join us at tamborine for our latest craft beer guest appearance while stock lasts here is a few reviews on the craft beer to wet your whistle! Contact our team for your own private beer tour tastings and beer food matching. (07) 5543 6888 Every month the Bearded Dragon has guest craft beers until they are sold out to ensure top quality and the promotion of small independent breweries. Country - Sydney, Australia Percentage - 6.1% Brewing Company - Ekim Brewing Company Ekim Brewing Co is a boutique beer company that focuses on producing a small collection of hand crafted beer. Ekim prides itself on maintaining its quality by producing beer that is unfiltered and unpasteurised opting only to use natural ingredients.This company actually brews at the Happy Goblin Brewery and from our experience are providing a better quality beer than those that own the Brewery. Our expectations were high as the Ekim, After Battle Pale Ale performed so well. IPAs are generally known for their extreme bitterness and this beer is described as hybrid English-American Pale Ale brewed with English malts & American hop varieties. When poured this is a dark copper colour beer with an excellent off white head providing good carbonation and head retention providing the beer with a stone fruit aroma. A bold taste with caramel notes and roasted flavours dominate the palate followed by a zesty and bitter after taste. Spawned by generations of rape & pillaging the Viking IPA has an impressive alcohol content and is something to behold. Verdict - Excellent Credit : Aussie Beer Blog here is what they have to say Ekim Viking IPA India Pale Ale 6.0% A- / 4.25 look: 4 smell: 4 taste: 4.5 feel: 4 drink: 4.5 Bottled 3 May 2010. Poured into James Squire half pint tumbler. 1 beige rocky pillowy head. Chestnut/copper/amber colour, slightly hazy. Olive tinges at the edges. Very attractive. Aromas are an interwoven blend of malt & hop. Floral, soap perfume mixed with bread crust and caramel. Fruit notes of pineapple, maybe a touch of marmalade. Richly flavoured, starting with caramel/toffee, with firm herbaceous/pine characters. Spicy notes of caraway or celery seed. It flows over the tongue offering more piney flavours to support the bitterness. Late hints of toast. Rewarding, and outstanding. Lightly syrupy mouthfeel, sliding smoothly along, finishing a bit sticky & cloying. But this is OK when there is a good bitterness to cut through it at the end. Overall impression of richness and lusciousness. A top-class IPA, and a top-class beer. Along with the 4 Pines Pale Ale, this beer has been a great find, and a delight to use as inspiration for my own IPA, currently brewing away... Better stir the pot now..... What does Ekim Brewery have to say Dark copper in colour, head dissapears with a little lacing. Cannot quite pick the nose-herbal and earthy. Carbonation is medium. Malts up front- a little sweet (toffee) which I like- a bit of bitterness pops up. My palate waits for the the fruity/citrus flavours to burst out but they dont make it- just weaker variations of malt and leafyness. It grew on me as it went but just lacked the fruit of the style.

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