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Vintage Tamborine Windmill has had a makeover

Media Date of Release 15th September 2017

The Windmill Story……

Bearded Dragon Hotels beautiful old girl has finally had her parts lovingly repaired and gone hrough her much needed maintenance as she was getting older (how would you feel if you had a 1920’s vintage!).

So this emblem of the outback has had a full makeover and the locals and visitors will love her brand new back to old look !

Rest assured she had good bones and the DOCTOR of all windmills thewindmillexpert Gary Haines has delivered a masterpiece with the help of Bearded Dragon Hotel. There are not too many windmill experts around these days and we built this pub here 20 years ago in our paddock and he was the only man we trusted for the job so we all just had to wait. But we think its worth it said George Mills who owns and built the hotel from ground up in 1997 with his family.

She is of good Aussie vintage (IBC Simplex 1920s), so soon we hope she will get her much deserved letter from the QUEEN !

This project was of course a LABOUR of LOVE and was certainly a bit costly as well, not something the small Australian Family owned business had budgeted for so did take some time to get funds together and replace or refurbish all the vintage parts. Its not like you can just duck into Bunnings or purchase a few bits online from China for this piece of authentic Australian outback, so yes it did take a couple of years! said Monique Gregory of Bearded Dragon Hotel Team.
Whilst we were not ones to beg around here… and do not rely on gambling funds we just have to do things the old fashioned way (yes we got bits and bobs from the local hardware) and that can take time! She said.

Bearded Dragon Hotel is planning further promotions and a well deserved party to celebrate our 20 year anniversary which was put on hold until the iconic windmill went back up. The windmill was originally removed from a property in Central Queensland and was put up in conjunction with our Bluegum Ballroom wedding and events facility to showcase country weddinsg and events and also the unique venue and rural location. The windmill is 24 ft and only 3 of these standing that the venue is aware of in all Australia. This is an iconic representation of the outback and is well loved by visitors and locals to tamborine and the scenic rim.

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